Beginnings & Endings

This isn’t really my first blog post, nor is it a “hello world” post – it is simply the next chapter of my ongoing blog conversation, one that started here, while I was on sabbatical nearly seven years ago. Lots of pixels have been killed since then, and I’ve been right about some things (hello second life) and wrong about others (wikipedia, for example). I’m not as frequent as I once was in terms of posting, mostly, I’m sure, because there are so many smart/interesting people who are doing a better job of touching on the same topics! I’m going to keep at it, though.

I always giggle when I see blog posts that say – I’m going to be traveling, posting will be less frequent, with the implied assumption that hordes of people needed to know this in order to prepare for the famine that approached. But since this *is* post one on a new site, I’ll break my rule, giggle, and say I’m going to be on vacation for two weeks. I am sure there will be a post or two. But maybe not. And I’m sure everyone will be just fine. 🙂

It’s a new start, and I can’t help but think of the very sad and very sweet ending to one of my favorite comic strips of all time, still framed somewhere here in the house, when Calvin and Hobbes ceased publishing. Here it is….enjoy.


5 Responses to “Beginnings & Endings”

  1. John Uppendahl Says:


    Congratulations on your new gig. Microsoft is very lucky to have you as their new Corporate Vice President of Corporate Communications….

    In the meantime, enjoy your well deserved vacation.

  2. Sam Whitmore Says:

    What I want to know is, how did you like Lyle Lovett the other night, Frank??

  3. Stephanie Grayson Says:

    Frank- Congrats on your new gig, and your new blog. Since I realize I’m writing this post on the “cusp day” of you ending your old blog and starting the new one, hope it’s OK if I respond here to one of your last blog posts made earlier this week. Re: my quote that appeared in the Wall Street Journal piece on texting (8/5/09), here’s some additional context; it has mostly to do with Twitter and the frequent use of acronyms within tweets. During our interview, one of the important trends I had mentioned to the reporter is that I’ve noted an increase lately in live-tweeting questions during conferences I’ve attended within the last 6 months; since CEOs often make keynotes and/or participate in panels/conferences, I suggested that it is increasingly important for C-suite folks to be able to react in a timely and knowledgable way when questions are sent in via Twitter, in real-time. (Keep in mind that sometimes questions tweeted in are read aloud by a panel moderator as they come in, but they may also be projected onto a screen in real-time in front of the room.) In these situations, it would be in the CEO’s best interest to be able to easily decode any acronyms (text lingo) coming in the 140-character stream, and focus on answering the question well and in a timely manner, instead of getting distracted or thrown off-message by needing to first ask for assistance with the translation. Also, it may suggest something about the CEO being “current” or not if a commonly used acronym was misunderstood or not familiar. Consider that if the CEO is the “face” of the company, and he/she isn’t current, we may start to wonder if his/her company is behind the times as well. Hopefully, this perhaps sheds some more light re: my quote “If a CEO does not appear to be tech-savvy, people may start to wonder, ‘Is the company not plugged into today’s technologies also?’”.
    Stephanie Grayson
    Speech and Media Trainer (New York)
    Twitter: @Critiques4Geeks

  4. Richard Stewart Says:


    I think the ‘Title’ element in your feed ( needs fixing – there is a ‘/title’ tag but no preceding ‘title’ tag (or actual title text). This is confusing my NewsGator reader!

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