Apple v. Google & Lack of Trust

Mike does a good job of sniffing out where the truth may lie in the Google v. Apple debate re: Google Voice. I’ve previously written about what it takes to rebuild trust, with the very clear POV  that Apple had become a hollow brand from a trust standpoint, at least to many members of the media. Well, this latest episode certainly is not doing much to rebuild that trust, and is a good lesson that shows trust lost *does* have a price. In this case, the price is that essentially nobody  is giving Apple much of the benefit of the doubt in what they are saying. Heck, Mike takes a brickbat to them.

Corporate communicators of the world – pay attention. Insist on honesty in all forms of communication, protect the trust of the brand and keep making deposits in the trust bank. Don’t let your brand become brittle from a trust standpoint.

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One Response to “Apple v. Google & Lack of Trust”

  1. Richard Says:

    How true.

    Apple is running a “trust” deficit. They will probably regret their behavior sometime in the future. They are fooling mostly themselves.

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