Twitter Causes Decline in SAT Scores

The WSJ comes delivered to my door folded and secured with a rubber band; the NYT wrapped in the standard blue bag. So the first headline I saw when I picked up the paper was from the Journal: SAT Scores Fall as Gap Widens, Asians Gain.  Then when I opened up the NYT, I saw this headline: SAT Scores Mostly Hold Steady for Class of ’09. Which is true? In this case, both article essentially said the same thing, only the headlines were different, to which I do *not* ascribe an liberal or conservative motives, thank you very much. But it did make me think about the impact/import of headlines and how they shape perceptions of the story that follows. To whit, my headline here, which I am sure is true and which…mark my words…someone will say in the next year. Maybe not twitter, but texting, social media, blogs, trend du jour, will be blamed for poor writing/reading skills. You heard it here first. 🙂

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