Great Example: Media, Social Media, Cause Marketing

The NYT today has a great case study of how a campaign for Dawn dish soap came to be, and what the results/implications were. It’s an important one to read because it shows great linkage between traditional media (there is a story in the NYT), storytelling (some great color/story arc), social media engagement and cause marketing. Short version:

  • Turns out Dawn soap works great to suds off oily animals.
  • Main competitor Palmolive “owned” gentle.
  • Somewhat belatedly P&G started donating product to a bird rescue organization.
  • Now running ads/social media support for the organization.

Why is this a great campaign? First, because it clearly supports a desired brand attribute. Doing good is great; for corporations doing good and helping a brand is event better, and Dawn has done both here. Second, it applies emotional impact to a product that many people don’t really have much time to think of, aka dish soap (side note: I’ve always been mildly fascinated by the ability to make those ginormous bubbles and have actually determined that Dove is significantly better at this than other soaps. P&G….are you listening?). Third, the campaign is supported by a campaign that drives engagement (facebook page that offers opportunity to volunteer). Finally, the brand was okay w/ the fact that they’d be exposing themselves to criticism on other fronts by doing this, and felt this was a tolerable risk (the article and some posters complain that P&G tests products on animals).

So, this is a nicely done effort. It will be interesting to see how the success is measured in the social media space. As of the article posting, the FB page had “more than 14,000” fans. Is this good? My sense is it’s okay – but not great for a campaign that is advertising on TV…it’s a statistical rounding error compared to the number of users for the product.

Good work, P&G.

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