Warning: Massive Hype Alert

Via the LAT, a story about Google Wave. Which may be a very nice piece of technology, and apparently is poised to “transform journalism.” Hoo boy. Where to start.


First, phrases like “everyone is buzzing about how the collaborative Web tool will revolutionize how we do business, organize parties, manage projects with friends, cheat on homework and market brands” just don’t really apply to a product not yet in even a broad beta, and certainly don’t apply to “everyone” if you apply even a basic math look at US population. Second, and more pertinent are the ways the product will transform journalism. Let’s take a look:


1. Collaborative writing is too hard, it will fix this.

2. Recording and archiving interviews is too hard (halloo there, let me introduce you to OneNote!). It will fix this.

3. Doing conference calls is too hard. It will fix this.

4. Real time editing is hard. It will fix this.

5. Allowing people to watch you while you write is hard. It will fix this, though the upside escapes me.

6. Here’s my favorite, read it and weep:

Every once in a while, bloggers like to poll their readers on topics. But gathering a decent sample size takes a while.

Presumably — maybe once Google turns on compatibility with standard e-mail platforms — people will practically live inside of the Wave software. We could blast out a poll using Google’s Polly extension and instantly begin pulling in feedback.

Imagine that… “people will practically live inside of the Wave software” The mind simply boggles.

4 Responses to “Warning: Massive Hype Alert”

  1. Simon Bisson Says:

    Mary and I are using OneNote for collaborative work quite happily – and we’re looking forward to Office 2010 which will simplify things considerably.

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  3. nick dafo Says:

    i dont like google much so i dont write this to defend the or anything but…

    you work at microsoft, of course you would say something that is not really pro google..


    no offence although.. just no need to hide behind a finger 🙂

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