What I Read in 2009

Having a Kindle means it’s a lot easier to look back at the year and see what I read (aside from the scads of newspapers, magazines, memos, white papers, blogs and whatnot I see on a daily/weekly/monthly basis). FWIW, here is my year of reading in review. First up, what I read to my daughter:

· The Hobbit

· The first four books in the Harry Potter series

· All five Prydain novels

· Three chapters of the fifth Harry Potter book

Plus assorted Just So stories, and other books that fell close to hand. The first few HP books were pretty easy, these later ones are getting LONG and sort of grim. We took a break in the middle of the year to do some other reading, and are now looking to finish the series. The deal is we can only watch the movies after we finish the books, which means we are falling behind!

For me, I started w/ the goal of 2 books per month. I end the year with about 18 done, plus probably one or two more I read in real form and not on the Kindle while traveling and which made zero impact on me. 🙂 It’s safe to say that I read more because of the Kindle than I would’ve without (mostly because of ease of use). I will keep the same goal for 2010! Suggestions welcome….

· The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman – one of my favorite authors, just love his imagination

· Holy The Firm, Annie Dillard

· Reading Judas, Elaine Pagels

· What The Gospels Meant, Garry Wills (read all three of these during Lent)

· The Prince of the Marshes: And Other Occupational Hazards of a Year in Iraq, Rory Stewart – great storyteller about things we all should care about

· White Boy Shuffle, Paul Beatty – read as part of scotch club. Started like a freight train, ended with a whimper.

· The Last Watch (Watch, Book 4), Sergei Lukyanenko – I liked the first one best, but the entire series is pretty good.

· Once a Runner: A Novel, John L. Parker – best descriptor of running I’ve ever seen. My heart was pounding during the final race.

· The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Fifth Annual Collection (Year’s Best Science Fiction) – read halfway through the year – not great. Too many stories with interested venue and zero plot or character development.

· The Memory of Running, Ron McLarty – Another scotch club book. Didn’t finish. Two thirds of the way through and I still didn’t care about/like the main character.

· Born to Run, Christopher McGougall – why I gave up my running shoes and my job

· Dear American Airlines, Jonathan Miles – another scotch club book I didn’t finish. More scotch!

· Dear Undercover Economist: Priceless Advice on Money, Work, Sex, Kids, and Life’s Other Challenges, Tim Harford – light read, funny.

· Stardust, Neil Gaiman – just had to re-read

· The Magicians, Lev Grossman – very good book by Lev.

· SuperFreakonomics, Steven Levitt – not anywhere near as good as the first one.

· Magic for Beginners, Kelly Link – good collection of stories.

· The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Twenty-Sixth Annual Collection – still not great. See earlier entry on plotting and charactors

· The One Thing You Need to Know: … About Great Managing, Great Leading, and Sustained Individual Success, Marcus Buckingham

· Odd and the Frost Giants, Neil Gaiman – still love the author.

3 Responses to “What I Read in 2009”

  1. Patrick Shaw Says:

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (and the other two that go with it) Stieg Larsson

    Paranoia – Joseph Finder

    All You Can Eat – How Hungry is America – Joel Berg

    Heart of the Assassin (and the other two that go with it) Robert Ferrigno

    Again to Carthage – John L Parker (follow up to Once a Runner)

  2. Mark Murray Says:

    Great post, Frank — and I’m impressed that you guys made it through 4+ HP books reading aloud — that’s A LOT. And I know what you mean about the books getting denser and darker. FWIW, you ain’t seen nothing yet! 🙂

    I have a recommendation for you and your Kindle. I’m not sure it’s your style, but the best book I read in 2009 was “City of Theives,” by David Benioff. It’s the kind of book that has you laughing on one page and then sobbing on the next. Truly remarkable.

    I would also recommend anything on http://www.microsoft.com/presspass 🙂

    Happy reading!

  3. Peter Johnson Says:

    Stubborn Twig – Lauren Kessler

    The Shadow of the Wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

    The Blindside: Evolution of a Game – Michael Lewis

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