Impressive journalism

James Fallows, who somehow finds time to write, speak, blog, and otherwise be a very thoughtful guy (and who thus shames me into my first blog post in a while), has a good post up looking at some examples of exemplary journalism/reporting. He calls out four stories in particular:

– "Bail Burden" special on NPR

– "The Listener," by the Atlantic

– A news-analysis piece by Alec MacGillis in the Washington Post

– "System Failure," by Christopher Hayes in the Nation

If ever there was an argument that long form, thoughtful writing is needed more than ever, this is it, and it really serves as a reminder that we equally need quick twitch what’s happening twitter/fb/yammer reports as well as longer, sometimes controversial (in a deep way) pieces that say what does it mean.

One Response to “Impressive journalism”

  1. Jen Houston Says:

    Yes, yes, yes! One of my favorites was the NYT’s multi-page spread about a month ago on Obama’s decision on Afganistan strategy. Thank goodness outlets like the Atlantic, the New Yorker, The NYT, NPR (the future of journalism, in my opinion), etc continue to invest here. I think about it this way – if we are to move at the speed of twitter, we need some meat to be able to have those quick dialogues and feed our perspectives. 140 characters and RSS news shorts as the backbone for our decisions and views on the world around us just aren’t enough.

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