Burning Hot

I don’t know which part of this fake log advertising story today amused me the most. Was it the near obligatory mention of marketing via mommy blogs? Because that is pretty cutting edge stuff.

To promote a new product, Stax, the company sent samples to dozens of blogs for women, most of them aimed at mothers. Unlike its cylindrical logs, Duraflame’s new Stax logs are wedge-shaped to resemble split firewood. Along with writing reviews, bloggers promoted Stax to their readers through giveaways sponsored by Duraflame, which provided coupons for three-packs of Stax that normally sell for $9.99.

I am sure the subsequent blog w/ the words “chemically smell”  ends up in the “win” column on evaluation of the campaign. Or maybe it was it the gross generalization of their target audience?

“While fire logs may be lit by the man of the house, women tend to be the purchase agents,” said Mendy Aul, vice president and general manager of the fire logs division at the Jarden Corporation, which owns Pine Mountain.

Just as a rule of thumb, publically pitching something by referencing the “man of the house” is a bad idea…talk about dated language. Maybe it was the big leap from product to human connection, in a way that degrades the value prop for the product?

On the Pine Mountain Web site, Ms. LoVerde describes logs in terms usually reserved for products like bath crystals.

“When we are overwhelmed we cut out the people who could help us the most — our family and friends,” Ms. LoVerde writes. “Take the time to build a fire. Then pause, breathe in, and connect with someone important to you.”

I mean, after all, the reason Stax and its ilk will sell is exactly because they don’t require taking time to build a fire. Here is my pitch:

Stax! More funny than the comics! And yet another reason newspapers are dead! No need for paper to start the fire!

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