Running Soft

Yesterday, I had a great run, the best in probably 7 months. Of course, that’s an easy bar to jump over, since about 7 months ago I encountered knee problems and basically went back to zero on the running meter. At the time, I began to work back from my big old orthotics and running shoes to something with less structure. Amazing my friends and family who know me to be a bit of a radical shift person (as in, they fully expected me to emerge barefoot for my next run), I chose to do this in moderation, and lo and behold shifted from orthotics to no orthotics, from heavily padded shoes to lighter shoes in a very slow process. Today, I’m running in what are called “trainers,” shoes that have very little structure and very little support. I also have racing flats, which are basically soles you glue to your feet on the way out the door. This has shifted my running style from heel strike to mid-foot strike, and look! Research comes out today that appears to validate less stress on the knees w/ this approach.

I am wrong so often it is nice to get validation in this case.

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